• Kathryn Bosworth

Why newborn photography sessions take so long

You're on the phone booking in your newborn photography session when the photographer says "Ok, so 11 am till 2 pm on Tuesday the..." Wait... What? Three hours???

You heard correctly. Newborn photography sessions are longer than regular sessions. It's all about that baby. That tiny new precious beauty, who is freaking out at being outside in this great big new world.

Newborn photography sessions are a delicate juggling act. With several balls in the air including an unsettled baby, hungry baby, alert baby, colicky baby - anything but sleepy and calm baby, not mention that huge flashing light (although this might be closer to the womb than we realise).

All this is completely normal and exactly why a professional photographer will take the time to plan for a longer photo shoot. By setting time aside for feeding, settling, changing and anything else that unpredictable little ball of cute can throw at us, you can be assured that there is still enough time to capture those beautiful images you're dreaming of.

We have usually seen it all from wee on the mat to projectile poo off to the side as we set up that stunning shot of dad in the football pose. If I can offer any advice it would be this, take the time to treasure this moment, you will never have this experience again, well not with this baby.


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