• Kathryn Bosworth

Prints vs digital files

I'm a photographer and an artist who works in the digital world. This does not mean I am infallible or perfect when it comes to image files. Even if my other job is in IT!

The thing is that we are busy, pre-occupied and often tired. So what does that mean? Well sometimes it means that we take lots of photos that we do nothing with (yes I mean all of us with a phone full of images but a wall full of blank space AND yes that means me too) and other times it means lost images.

Often people ask photographers for digital files rather than prints. We feel like we are digitally connected in so many ways and digital copies of our photos are an extension of that. Whilst they are handy, it means nothing when you realise you have lost that USB of those really lovely and yes let's face it, expensive photos. At least knowing you have that print on the wall forever is some consolation.

Take a look at that lovely photo of your beautiful Grandma. It is an heirloom you would not otherwise have had if your parents had lived in the digital generation.

Trust me, order those images as prints. You won't regret it and neither will your grandchildren.


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