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More than a portrait, art.

I love taking portraits of kids. I love finding a tiny glimmer of them amongst the “stand here”… “look this way”… “smile!”. In true Kat style however, I have always wanted to create something a little different, outside the box some might say. But what AND more importantly how?

In an effort to find some inspiration I stumbled upon a YouTube video of Brooke Shaden, a fine art photographer talking about this very topic (watch Brooke’s video here). I realised there were so many ideas in my head that were busting to get out. In a short amount of time I had sketches on any leftover page I could find in any old leftover book I could get my hands on. Then one day I had an idea for my first image. A fantasy image of my daughter looking through a crack in the wall whilst holding her dolly. I knew the symbology in the image had real meaning to me, her mum. I saw her looking through the crack at the world with wonder but all with the comfort of her favourite doll held tightly in her little hand. The same doll she takes to bed with her each night. With the help of yet another of Brooke Shaden’s videos I worked out how to build the image in Adobe Photoshop and I have not looked back since.

Now, the newest string to the love bow of my photographic symphoney is creating fine art photographic images for parents who want to remember their children in an entirely unique and wondrous way. A way that captures who that child is but also allows the parent daydream about what might be.

My latest client came to me with a quote by Norman Vincent Peale “Reach for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”. The true joy I am having in creating this image is reinventing for me what creating a portrait of someone can actually be. Art. Real Art.

You can see more of my Conceptual Fin Art here.


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