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TOP #5 Prepare children for a photo shoot

These are my TOP #5 things you can do to prepare your children for the big day.

#1 Make naps and snacks a priority!

Try to book you photo shoot to occur after a nap, not before. Tired kids do not a memorable photo make. Photographers need kids bright eyed to get the most out of them. We can usually deal with nerves but tired, hungry and in tears can be a whole other thing. Make sure your children are well rested and well fed. Bring snacks along too, but nothing messy!!!

Who makes your kids smile?

#2 Bring the fun one

There is a daunting side to having a photo taken. Let's be honest, it's far from a natural thing. Bright lights and strangers giving instructions can be anything but the fun selfie kids take at home with Mum and Dad. If Dad is the joking fun one, the one who always makes the kids laugh and smile, be sure to bring him along. There is no better photo than one that shows a true smile, one given genuinely to someone they love.

#3 Bring a favourite toy

Kids get bored fast, and I mean FAST! So bring a toy with you. Better yet, bring their favourite toy. Not only can the toy be a distraction when they are patiently waiting their turn, but it can also be a comfort when they become nervous. In fact, some of my favourite photos are the ones I have taken of kids with their favourite toy. It is a true record of them and their connection to the things that made them happy playful littlies.

#4 Prepare them mentally

I'm not just talking about telling them they are off to have their photo taken. I mean really talk to them. Talk about what will be happening and find ways to get them excited and involved in the process. Maybe play out some fun poses they can practice or get them involved in choosing the outfits. The more excited they are, the easier it will be for everyone.

#5 Limit the outfits

Cute little outfits can be great. They provide options and mean different looks to choose from. They can also be a distraction and take time away from shooting making the whole process take longer. The result is tired and cranky kids. I know I am certainly not going to want to smile for the camera when I am tired and cranky, so keep it simple and stick to no more than 3.


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